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Frequently Asked Questions

Consult our FAQ and let us tell you all about the benefits and advantages of this incredible treatment!

Treatment cost depends on the level of pigmentation required. If you have any doubt or question that is not found here, you can contact us through our phone (617) 752-2184 or email We are happy to help with any questions you have about treatment.
We've never had a customer to date want a reversal process however the removal process would be similar to that of a tattoo with the exception that Micro Scalp Clinic micro pigmentation is only situated within the 2nd dermal skin layer compared to a conventional tattoo being almost twice as deep. A full reversal could easily be achieved with a laser within two sessions. We can envisage our clients looking to change their look, perhaps soften a hairline or maybe even recede slightly as an individual becomes older. To soften a hairline is possible with only 20 mins of laser treatment.
Our method of truly blending into your remaining hair with decreasing intensity means that noticeability of future loss is minimized. The treatment can be topped-up to maintain the fuller look and as top-up treatments are less labour-intensive for Micro Scalp Clinic any on going treatments are not too tough on your wallet either.
It is a treatment suited to all ages. We have treated clients in their 60s and 70s. At the other end of the scale, we are able to treat alopecia sufferers from age 12 assuming we have full parental consent.
We try to be as light on our feet as possible. We know that when the decision has been made, you'll be keen to get the process underway ASAP (allowing for the cool-off period of course), however our clinics are very busy so expect a minimum of a 2 week notice period depending on the clinic.
We understand that you'll want the treatments to impact your work and family life as little as possible. Many of our clients fly in for treatments so we ensure we are flexible, open late and at weekends, and with a highly effective advance booking system.
Yes this is important although not a problem but your practitioner will want to know your Botox schedule to ensure the Micro Pigmentation treatment doesn't clash.
Most of our clients go for a freshly-shaved or 'buzzed' look so they shave every 2-3 days, saving a fortune on barber visits! Letting your hair grow will give away the secret ;-)
The single-use sterile needle used is a 3 point micro is three steel needle system specially developed for Micro Scalp Pigmentation.
Following the treatment, your body will immediately begin, through homeostasis, to repair the 'damage' by manufacturing platelet-filled scabs at the dot sites and this is hardened by additional fibrin over the next several hours These 'scabs' will fall away naturally or can be removed with a gentle exfoliation between 5-7 days after treatment, leaving your scalp looking fresher and follicle-full!

The normal scheduling would be something like:
. Initial Consultation: Initial free consultation and patch test if requested
. Second Consultation: Minimum 1 week later (cooling off period and diary availability) lasting between 3-5 hours depending on the complexity of your Micro Pigmentation needs
. Third Consultation: (minimum 1 week after the second) lasting 2-4 hours where the colour is gently perfected and the hairline refined.
. If necessary a Fourth (usually final) consultation, three to five weeks after the previous, lasting 1-3 hours to perfect the shade and hairline for your perfect result.

Yes. In fact we insist on it. We apply a few dots to a discreet part of your Scalp to test for allergic reactions. We can do this at your consultation if you request to avoid a special trip for the test.
Happily no. The discomfort is only during the actual medical tattoo procedure and it is considered to be discomfort rather than pain.
If you are keen to minimize any pain, we recommend you try paracetamol or ibuprofen an hour before treatment.

The procedure could not be described in any way as painful. Using a pain scale (see below) pain is usually in the 1-3 mark
RatingPain Level

0 No Pain
1-3 Mild Pain (nagging, annoying, interfering little with ADLs)
4-6 Moderate Pain (interferes significantly with ADLs)
7-10 Severe Pain (disabling; unable to perform ADLs)

We will work with you using a wax pencil to sculpt and craft a hairline that you love. Some clients will want a firmly defined hairline and others prefer soft, jagged, or perhaps even a mature, slightly receding effect. Generally we advise a soft line at the first treatment with adjustments made to reach perfection during the following treatments.
To maintain your look, we recommend that maintenance touch-ups be planned for once every three to six years. Your SMP could last a lifetime if cared for correctly however use caution with the sun as sunburn can cause damage to your SMP results.
The pigment will fade slightly over the first 4 weeks to achieve your target shade.
Our clients tell us that even close up in the mirror, they themselves can't distinguish where their real hairline ends and the pigmentation blending begins. Even when copping a feel, people still can't tell it isn’t real hair!
You can expect an instant visible hairline result, as well as some redness, which only usually lasts a couple of days. Typically the pigment dots will appear darker than planned for up to four weeks before the pigments soften to their natural and finished size, giving you the natural appearance you are after.
All of our practitioners are fully qualified standard for permanent cosmetics and micro pigmentation treatments.
Our clinics adhere stringently to the Health Protection Unit's standards for infection control practices. Sterile medical gloves are used and single-use needles are disposed of immediately after use into sharps containers.
The human head has an astonishing 2000 follicles per square inch. Not surprising then that it usually takes a minimum of three sessions to achieve your final desired look. As part of our diligent, results-focussed approach, we apply a lighter pigment during treatment number 1. Session 2 sees us adjust to obtain a perfect match (sometimes using even 3-4 pigment shades to get the perfect result) whilst adding density and the crucial blend into natural hairline. In subsequent sessions we focus on completing the appearance and adding detail.
We believe this is a very important decision in your life. Whilst we are confident you will love the results, in the interest of professionalism we insist on a cooling off period of a minimum of 24hrs between consultation and treatment to allow you to be committed and prepared.