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About Us

At MicroAesthetics, we provide personalized treatments to the hair, face and scalp in order to enhance and accentuate the most attractive features in our clients.

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At MicroAesthetics, we are famous for our industry-leading scalp micropigmentation services that are customized to the hairline or skin of every client. By utilizing the latest technologies in dots pigmentation, our highly trained team of professionals provide leading-edge cosmetic procedures in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  For those with thinning hair, we supplement micropigmentation with micro needling and PRP provided by a trained medical professional.  Finally, we've added dermal fillings, neuromodulators and injectables to our medical artists' list of services so our clients can revitalize their full facial appearance.


MicroAesthetics is the first global Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic of Massachusetts that is renowned for bringing innovative pigmentation treatments and clinical eminence to the United States. Since the inception of our company, we have helped an endless number of men and women from all corners of the globe put their thinning hair troubles to rest.  Over time, Dr. Silva realized the value of more thorough procedures such as botox, dermal Micro Scalp Clinic is now formally a Medical Spa procedures performed by our aesthetic specialist, Ana. 

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What Do We Ensure 

Our objective is to ensure that every MicroAesthetics’s client gets the most pragmatic result, by proffering a tailor-made service on every case. We comprehend that, as everyone is unique with different requirements and preferences so the treatment should be. The track record of our success states our position unquestionably second to none in providing first rated client satisfaction. To fulfill our aim, we empower our clients with a complete 12-month assurance to watch against any unanticipated financial outlay because of short-term fading. Mostly after treatment, some clients experience fast partial fading, but it is a natural, practical part of the procedure. Nevertheless, if any of them feels that the pigments have faded more than usual, we are there for you every time to guarantee the outcome will be the same as it should be, and yes no additional treatment costs will be charged.Additionally, you will find no any other SMP company in the world that provides a free public forum permitting all clients past, present and forthcoming, to communicate the treatment and their experiences in a healthy, unadulterated atmosphere.

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