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Scalp Pigmentation

Find the right approach

We at MicroScalp Clinic believe that at the present scenario, scalp Micropigmentation is the best solution for male hair loss in the world. No matter by what name you call it, androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness, diffuse thinning, the thing is that you are losing your hair and you should take a right approach to deal with it. You might consider different options like hair systems or hair restoration surgery, and concealers, but before opting any of them, think twice, because nobody wants lifetime apprehensions and these are all temporary cover-up solutions for a specified period only. SMP offers a trendy, contemporary look without any of the snags of other options.


Acknowledge & Understand

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Male Pattern baldness typically occurs with hair loss at the top and front of the head. About 85% of all men will experience some form of hair thinning or balding before the age of 50. Those who are less fortunate can face hair loss at the age of 21. There is no definite cure for male baldness except for prevention, and being more gentle with your hair and maintenance.

Causes & Factors

Male hair loss is caused by genetic factors, stress, and illness-induced factors. Sometimes there really isn’t much you can do to undo it, because hair-loss that is not caused by male-pattern baldness usually reverse itself. A hormone called DHT causes hair follicles to shrink, to the point where no hair grows from them. However, some ways for prevention include quitting-smoking and avoid taking too much of certain medications. There are methods to fighting against hair loss, however, doing your research before you decide a plan of action is always essential. Another option is medication, called Minoxidil, Finasteride. These drugs can slow down hair loss tremendously and even aid in the growth of new hairs. However, this temporary solution will stop working as soon as you stop taking the medicine.

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Scalp-Micro Pigmentation 

If you are comfortable with a new styling option such as a clean buzz cut, consider Scalp micro-pigmentation. Scalp MicroPigmentation by MicroScalp Clinic is the ultimate non-surgical scalp grooming; we provide an incredible life-changing treatment in which we apply organic pigments at the epidermal layer of the scalp to imitate the original look of real hair follicles or strands. As we use only natural pigments and application methods, our treatment is known as the best in the world today. Our practitioners embrace unrivaled reputation and experience and strive hard to attain perfection in every case.

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