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Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Micro-pigmentation is one of the ultimate non-surgical procedures. There are no injections and no implantations involved – it’s clean, simple and gives great results. This procedure has been perfected here at Micro Scalp Clinic and it has become an increasingly popular procedure for people to undergo, as it isn’t invasive like hair transplantation. But is there a lot of science behind this procedure? Understanding the ins and outs of the micro-pigmentation procedure will ensure you that we are indeed specialists in our field!

What Is Micro-pigmentation?

Micro-pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure where natural color pigments are applied to a patient’s scalp to give a natural appearance of real hair follicles. Some people have referred to the procedure as being similar to getting a tattoo, but there’s a little more to it than that. It is a relatively new hair procedure compared to hair restoration and PRP therapy, it is one of the fastest growing treatments for men to undergo.

Micro Pigmentation is a procedure that consists of a trained dermatologist applying micro dots of pigmentation into the scalp, how exactly does it work?

The micro-pigmentation (MPG) procedure consists of a trained hair specialist applying incredibly small dots of pigment to certain regions that have been affected by hair loss. The region in question can either be on the top of the scalp, the side or even on the face you can use the MPG procedure to give yourself the illusion of stubble. Just like an ordinary tattoo, the tool used to add the pigment creates a small incision on the epidermis and the pigment is placed on the dermis layer of the skin. The pigment stays in that position and the epidermis starts to heal over the pigment site, giving a very realistic result.Another thing that can be performed through the MPG procedure is that the specialist can build on areas that have undergone pigmentation. This buildup of color creates an illusion of regions of built-up hair, making the final result look more realistic.

What Are The Results Like?

Because of how the pigments are positioned and how small the instruments that are used are, the MPG procedure results are very realistic and very closely resemble individual hair follicles. The procedure is incredibly precise as it involves the specialist adding dots of pigment to hundreds of follicle sites. One thing that you definitely need to consider when deciding if you want to undertake this procedure is that, because the healed site can take a tiny amount of pigment away, the pigments become slightly lighter after a few years. However, because of the pigments and the procedure itself, it is guaranteed that the procedure lasts a minimum of two years! That’s why we offer 10 years of GUARANTEE! Just like the hair implantation procedure, this treatment requires a lot of precision and an incredibly steady hand. This is why at Micro Scalp Clinic, we have incredibly talented, highly qualified and experienced hair specialists at hand! If you would like to know more about the procedure or anything with regards to hair loss, then please get in touch!

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